Ecosphere makes fragmented supply chains a thing of the past

At Ecosphere Global Logistics, we developed an integrated logistics solution that capitalises on technological advancements and enables the collaboration of the entire supply chain to drive whole customer experience. Innovation, Excellence, and Dedication form the core of Ecosphere Global Logistics business values. Our team of industry experts are driven to succeed and to make a difference in the world of global business. We combined our expertise with years of industry insights to respond to pain points commonly expressed by clients of freight forwarders to deliver a superior logistics experience.

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Logistics and the traditional supply chain have been slow to respond to the massive technological advances driving the consumer experience. Ecosphere saw an opportunity to speed up the logistics process and smooth out fragmented supply chains in a bid to respond faster to our customer's needs. Eco X is an ecosystem of integrated digital applications which shares and provides data across the entire supply chain. Ecosphere Global Logistics innovative digital platform facilitates fast response to market trends and changing customer requirements and provides full visibility of shipments anywhere in the world.

Globalisation has been a major contributor to the increasing complexity of global supply chains which can be further compounded by digital disruption unless harnessed. Ecosphere Global Logistics understands that the integrity of the supply chain is paramount and are dedicated to ensuring business sustainability for all our clients. Multinational corporations, high-profile retailers, leading manufacturers and medium to small businesses can rely on our logistics services to help grow their business.

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